1kg Frozen Australian Banana Prawn Cutlets



Buy, defrost, devein. Easy! No peeling required on Christmas Day.

Follow this easy recipe for BBQ prawns skewers that are ready in minutes. No fuss required!

Banana Prawns
Wild caught, sweet, mild and versatile

Frozen Prawns
Freezing prawns soon after catch immediately preserves the quality, freshness and flavour, enabling them to be transported and stored while keeping quality high.

The easiest way to thaw frozen prawns is to put them in an airtight container in the fridge a day before you need them. Keeping them in a sealed container prevents unnecessary cross contamination, dehydration and oxidisation. Thawing at low temperatures helps maintain quality.

It’s optional if you want to remove the vein, or digestive tract, that runs down the back of the prawn — and all that is needed is a steady hand. Straighten out the peeled prawn and gently grasp the vein and slowly pull it out. If you find it breaks or is hard to grasp, the pointy end of a skewer is the best way to reach and remove it.


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